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Cuisinart DCC-2600C


To have one of the best Coffee makers 2014 you don’t have to pay lots of cash. Moreover, you don’t even have to buy a complicated, difficult to use Coffee maker. Making your favorite Coffee should be straight forward and fast and you shouldn’t need to reheat it every time you wish to enjoy a hot cup of your favorite drink. This is specifically what the engineers had in mind when planning the Cuisinart DCC-2600 Brew Central 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. They wanted to make a coffee maker that’s durable, that has top quality filters to remove all the impurities and that can brew up to fourteen cups at a time. These filters will keep you safe from bad side-effects which are mentioned in this article.

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Here are the top choices we recommend to look for:

Material & Color
Our rating
Best Price on:
Cuisinart DCC-2600CMetal & Silver$$$A+butamz
Cuisinart DCC-3000 Cuisinart DCC-3000 reviewStainless Steel & Black and Silver$$Bbutamz
BUNN GRB VelocityBUNN GRB Velocity reviewStainless Steel & Black$$A+butamz
Bonavita BV1800TH Thermal Coffee MakerStainless Steel & Black$$$$Abutamz
Bonavita BV1800Stainless Steel & Silver$$$$B+butamz
Cuisinart DTC-975BKNCuisinart DTC-975BKN reviewstainless-steel & Black$$$B+butamz

Bonavita BV1800TH Thermal Coffee Maker


The Bonavita Thermal Coffee Maker definitely deserves a spot in the top coffee maker reviews. With options like the two hundred degrees of the heating element, the precision used at each step of the preparation, a showerhead that replaces stirring and a filter basket that prevents dripping, there is no wonder why the Specialty Coffee Association of America approved its performance right from the beginning. Every cup of Coffee brewed with the Bonavita Coffee maker offers an amazing experience that may be repeated time after time while not reheating the beverage. This is possible because the coffee remains hot for several hours.

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Bonavita BV1800


To make sure that a perfect cup of coffee is made every time, one of the things that should be taken into account is that the coffee must be in the water for an exact specified duration. In addition, the ideal brewing temperature is at around 200 degrees. It is hard to assure these things when you make coffee manually. The good news is that this Bonavita coffee maker review will tell you more on how this product can help you prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

While coffee found in commercial shops can taste really good, it cannot be denied that you can make a coffee taste better if you prepare it yourself. However, there are some people who are skeptic about brewing their own coffee because they do not know how to do so or they do not have the right equipment. With Bonavita, this is no longer a problem.

This Bonavita BV1800 review highlights price as one of the reasons that determined most buyers to choose it. Compared to other models, this thermal coffee maker from Bonavita is cheaper. In addition, the approval that came from the Specialty Coffee Association of America is also a notable feature.

Furthermore, in this Bonavita coffee maker review it is also worth mentioning that you can speed up the process of brewing your coffee because this model is powered by high wattage heating. Even if you heat your coffee at 200 degrees, you can be sure that it will take no longer than 6 minutes before a perfect brew is finally made.

The thermal carafe with glass lining is also another notable benefit of this product. With this, it will be possible to keep the coffee at the right temperature for several hours, and thus removing the need to reheat the coffee. No manual stirring will be required as it can be done with the showerhead. It also has a drip-preventing feature that is made possible by the vents that are on the top of the filler basket.

Furthermore, this Bonavita BV1800 review also notes that while most coffee makers encounter serious problems with reaching the high temperatures required to perfectly brew the coffee, this problem is not apparent in the case of the Bonavita thermal coffee maker. It can reach 200-204 degrees without any difficulty, or even higher than that, depending on what you want.

Simplicity, ease of use, and high quality are some of the words that can describe this product from Bonavita. These are exactly also the words that can differentiate it from all others. If you are interested in having this product, one of your options would be to purchase it from Amazon and also enjoy great discounts.

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BUNN GRB Velocity


BUNN GRB Velocity review

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the whole world and most people want their personal coffee maker at home just to be able to enjoy coffee in the comfort of their homes. Choosing the right coffee brewer might be difficult since the quality of device affects the taste and quality of the coffee as well. The BUNN GRB Velocity coffee brewer is sure to ease your search. Read more on this BUNN GRB Velocity review and see its amazing qualities.

Bunn is known to make high quality appliances. It has a good reputation and customers consider this brand to be reliable.  Regarding price, the BUNN GRG Velocity is considered affordable and budget-friendly. It is also one of the products with the greatest quality for the price.

This coffee brewer is stylish with its black and silver coloring which allows the coffeemaker to blend into almost any kitchen decor. It also has an industrial styling that goes well with dark counter tops and stainless steel appliances and looks good in a kitchen with a mixture of granite and steel.

The Bunn Velocity Brew creates delicious coffee at the perfect temperature in less than 5 minutes. It is pretty speedy for a brewer and it is able to keep the coffee at the right temperature for long periods of time. The Velocity Brew can brew 10 cups of coffee at one time which is perfect for large families or for people who just enjoy drinking plenty of coffee. Settings from 4 to 10 cups make the brewer perfect for small gatherings or large parties.


BUNN GRB Velocity coffee brewer Characteristics and Features:

–          10 cups brew capacity

–          Product color: black

–          Materials: Black Plastic with Stainless Steel

–          Glass carafe and also porcelain-coated heating up plate

–          Unique sprayhead helps ensure complete espresso taste extraction

–          Stainless steel body

–          water tank which keeps optimal temperature of 200F

–          Height: 14.8inches

–          Depth: 13.8 inches

–          Length: 7 inches

–          Weight: 9 lbs

–          Water Capacity: 50 ounces


If you’re searching for your ideal coffee maker, the BUNN GRB Velocity Brew is your perfect choice. BUNN GRB Velocity Brew is dedicated to delivering that perfect, freshly brewed coffee taste.  The BUNN GRB Velocity customer reports show that it is definitely a great choice because not only does it makes coffee fast but it is also able to deliver high quality taste. Many customers have purchased this coffee brewer and have never failed to appreciate it especially in their meals and snack times. “After reading an articles on how healthy coffee is, I’ve decided to change my coffee maker. I have never seen a coffee maker like this. Simple yet perfect…” With its affordable price, this is truly a great investment for your home.

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Cuisinart DCC-3000 


 Cuisinart DCC-3000 reviewWhether you are at home or at work, a good cup of coffee, made very quickly and with minimal effort can be a lifesaver sometimes. Some people just can`t get their day started without a good cup of coffee and if you have a coffeemaker at your disposal, you`ll have a great day, everyday. One such Coffeemaker is the Cuisinart DCC-3000.

The design is very eye-catching, with a grey and black colors. The boiler is made from brushed chrome steel.

It comes with a gold-tone basket-style filter that is permanent and a charcoal filter for the water. It can make one cup at a time and has an easy-to-use actuator. It can hold a quantity equal to 12 cups of 5 oz, enabling you to make coffee very fast for your guests, work colleagues and last but not least for yourself.  One special feature is that it can be programmed 24 hours in advance, pretty neat, no?! It can also be programmed to shut off automatically and to self clean.

The removable dual-walled reservoir keeps your coffee tasting fresh for longer periods of time. Another splendid feature is the display as it is able to indicate how much coffee is left in the reservoir. The Cuisinart DCC-3000 customer reports have pointed out that the coffee quality is good, but if you are a enthusiast coffee drinker, the taste might not be up to your standards.

Its price range is from 100$ to 150$ ,which is quite acceptable and you can also order different accessories for it. The Cuisinart DCC-3000 reviews have been encouraging, but they have found some minor defects, that might bother some people. One negative aspect is that for some the coffee is not strong enough and it is watery, lacking in taste. On the other hand some see it as a very good upgrade from the previous DCC-2000 model. And to be honest you can`t expect a coffeemaker to make the best coffee in the world. I`m sure that even the best machine can`t make good enough coffee for everyone`s taste.

All in all this coffeemaker does its job and that is to quickly make coffee for more than one person. A 3 year warranty is also included by Cuisinart so you know they are a serious company. This Cuisinart DCC-3000 review has to recommend this product, as one that is safe and reliable. It doesn`t make the best coffee, but for sure it makes a decent one, otherwise the customer reports wouldn`t be good. It is a definite upgrade from the DCC-2000 both in quality and in quantity. So if you need a coffeemaker at home or at work this could be a way to go for sure.

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Cuisinart DTC-975BKN


Cuisinart DTC-975BKN review

If you enjoy coffee, this Cuisinart DTC-975BKN review will provide you with more insights on why this model is the perfect coffeemaker for you. Sure, coffee sold at commercial shops is delicious. But if you want to make your own coffee, the best thing to have is a high quality coffeemaker. With the multitude of options that are available in the market, it is very hard to choose the right one. Now, there is no need to suffer from this difficulty. You can enjoy having a reliable coffeemaker from Cuisinart and have a good cup of coffee available anytime of the day, without leaving your house.

One of the best things about this coffeemaker, as it is highlighted in many Cuisinart DTC-975BKN customer reports, is the fact that it has a large capacity. It can serve up to 12 cups of coffee. While a single cup coffeemaker can prove to be good, it is without a doubt that having a coffeemaker that can brew 12 cups at a time is better. This is one of the reasons why this model is featured in many coffee maker reviews 2014.

It is perfect if you are hanging out with your family or a group of friends, or if you are in an office and having a meeting. This Cuisinart DTC-975BKN review also highlights the incorporation of the Brew Through and Pour Through Lid features in this model’s design. Aside from the fact that it makes the coffeemaker very easy to use, this also keeps the air out and it also makes the coffee hot and fresh even after several hours.With this, you no longer have to immediately consume your coffee.

Aside from this, it also has an Auto Brew function. In addition, the lid can also automatically dispense the coffee as it is brewed, and there is no more need to have it twisted or turned, like with what you have to do with other models of coffeemakers.

The aesthetics of this coffeemaker will surely not disappoint you. The carafe is made from brushed stainless steel, with black or white accent. This does not just make the product look sophisticated, but it also makes the coffeemaker durable. Put it anywhere in your house or office and it will surely be able to catch attention thanks to its appearance.

The water level indicator is also an added function that can prove to be helpful. With this, you can be able to easily see the amount of water that is about to be brewed. It may now be about time to get your own coffeemaker. Experience how it is like to sip a cup of coffee that you have personally prepared. This will surely bring joy and a sense of fulfillment. If you would want to experience this, the best thing to do is to get this model and enjoy the same level of satisfaction that has been noted by many users in various Cuisinart DTC-975BKN customer reports.

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Keurig B60 Coffee maker


Keurig B60 review

While there are many other coffeemakers in the market, this Keurig B60 review will provide you with more insight on why this model is a cut above the rest. With its exceptional set of features, you will surely be able to make commercial-quality coffee right at the comfort of your own place or at the office.

Without a doubt this coffeemaker is very stylish, as it has also been stated in many Keurig B60 customer reports. If it is your first time seeing this coffeemaker, you will surely take a second look and end up being amazed by its appearance. Right there and then, on the first sight of this machine, you would definitely want to own one.

Some people have worries about using a stylish machine. One of their worries is that the machine may just look good on the outside, but on the inside, it is inferior in terms of reliability and functionality. There are some, however, who might think that something that is as stylish as this coffeemaker is complicated to use. In the case of this product from Keurig, these things are not true. Its exterior good looks are complemented by a superior set of features.

More so, even if it is stylish, that does not mean that it has complicated and hard to use features. In fact, in many Keurig B60 reviews, it has been noted that users have found that the product is highly intuitive. As long as it is plugged into a water source and the product is turned on, there is almost nothing that you need to do in order to end up with the perfect cup of coffee. In just as little as 10 seconds, you are already done.

In addition, the timer system that is incorporated in this product is also another thing that has been liked by many people. With this, it will be possible for you to set a time in which the unit will turn on and off every day. This will spare you from the need of having it manually started and powered off every time you use it.

Aside from the ability to set the time, you will also have the opportunity to set the brewing temperature. In some coffeemakers, the brewing temperature is fixed. That means that you cannot choose outside their specified range. That is not the case with the Keurig B60. It will allow you to choose how hot or cold you would want your drink to be.

This coffeemaker will, without a doubt, deliver superior functionality as many Keurig B60 customer reports state. It is surely one of the best coffee maker in 2014!

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Melitta 46894 coffee maker


Melitta 46894 reviewThis Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker has regular, bold and robust settings for rich-tasting coffee. Made of durable stainless steel, it is programmable with auto shutoff. It features automatic pause and serve, drip-free easy thumb-activated pouring and a vacuum-sealed thermal carafe. It includes Melitta cone filters for better coffee extraction. The primary color of this coffee maker is silver.

Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker is the best coffee maker, I have ever seen. This coffee maker has lots of features. This review contains all the details of Melitta 46894 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker. It has a Programmable timer, which allows you to preset the coffeemaker up to 24 hours in advance so you can wake up to a freshly-brewed pot.

Melitta – 10-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker – Black has the regular, bold and robust settings.  This coffee maker has an automatic pause and serve function, which lets you pour a cup while the coffee is still brewing.

The Cone filter design can also be seen in the Melitta – 10-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker – Black just for enhanced coffee extraction. The Melitta – 10-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffeemaker – Black contains an automatic shutoff button, which turns off the coffee maker after 2 hours for safety. A Plastic and metal construction offers a strong, durable design that seems to be very attractive for most buyers as stated in the Melitta 46894 customer reports.

One customer shared his experience and said, “Our Barista coffee maker died after 10 years, and when we went to replace it, found it isn’t made anymore. Reading reviews, we decided to try this one. Glad we did. We have been extremely impressed. The coffee is better, coffee stays warmer, and it’s easier to use. So glad others recommended this one. Also, it is easier to clean and looks better than our previous Starbucks coffee maker. Highly recommend”.

Second one said, “Love this coffee pot. Looks great, fits our stainless look in the kitchen. The thermal carafe stays hot for hours, and doesn’t burn like a glass carafe. It brews well and makes a great cup of coffee. Great value for the price. Compared to others twice its price, that have more bells and whistles which frankly we didn’t need like internal bean grinder, single serve options etc.”

So what are you waiting for? Get this Melitta 10-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker, 46894, Black/Stainless Steel now and enjoy the awesome coffee. It will be really great for you. Just Amazing and for one of the top coffee makers 2014!

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Presto 02811 Coffee maker


Presto 02811 review

A lot of people nowadays are enticed with the trend of these coffeehouses that provide instant yet pricey coffee with different variations. However, a lot of people still find comfort with a good, strong cup of coffee made within the comfort of their own home.  The Presto 02811 is a stainless steel coffee percolator that can brew up to a dozen cups of coffee at a time with a rate of approximately one minute per cup and it keeps the coffee hot for as long as the drinker wants.  It is made our of stainless steel and the body looks sleek and elegant, a classic look similar to the ones that you see in five-star hotels.

The Presto 02811 percolator is an elegantly styled percolator that enables the user to brew great coffee in the fastest possible time, for a dozen coffee cups at a time. Moreover, it can keep coffee warm for hours without burning it. Another reason why Presto 02811 ratings are still off the chart is because of its durability. The Percolator tube and the filter basket are stainless steel which gives it an edge over the other percolators in the market that use plastic or aluminium.

This particular model has an indicator light that will enable the user to determine if the coffee is ready to serve. After serving, you can keep the remaining coffee in the percolator warm without burning it.  The temperature is right  even after a few hours and that’s why it’s no surprise that it is a top rated product based on the Presto 02811 review. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable electric cord, and both the percolator tube and the filter basket are detachable as well for easy cleaning. This is mandatory for any coffee maker from the top coffee machines 2014.

There are a lot of retail stores that offer Presto 02811 deals and you just have to find a reputable store that offer this particular product. Those who genuinely love great coffee especially in the morning know that all they need is a dependable product like the Presto 02811 because it will save more time and money.

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Cuisinart DGB-625 BC customer reports


Cuisinart DGB-625BC reviewLooking to purchase a new coffee maker, we’ll let me tell you a bit about the Cuisinart DGB-625 BC. It can be particularly frustrating when you realize how many coffee makers are out there proclaiming that they have all the glamorous features you need.

With a sleek polished appearance this 12-cup Automatic coffee maker is great for both canned coffee and coffee beans. The DGB-625BC grinds and brews leaving less mess for those who like using the beans and usually use a separate kitchen aide to grind them up.

As you can see this coffee maker already is not quite like the others out there.  I have already started telling you about some of the pros that the Cuisinart DGB-625BC deals have to offer like its sleek appearance, Automatic setting, and the Grind-and-Brew feature.

You can regulate the heating plate by how long you want it to stay on, as well as pause it while it’s brewing so you can pour yourself a cup of coffee and then press it again to keep it brewing.

The decanter is a 12-cup size which is plenty large enough so you won’t have to worry about it overflowing outside of the decanter.  The handle on the decanter has a rather comfy grip not like the plastic flimsy ones you see.

With many coffee makers you may have noticed after making a few pots of coffee the water you are pouring in tends to leave a film or a residue build up and eventually your coffee begins to taste not so good.  The built in charcoal filter and its permanent gold filter ensure that the water will always be at its freshest.

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Cuisinart Coffee Maker


The Cuisinart Coffee maker is a product that enables you to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee every morning. Easy to use, it filters its own water eliminating any chance of a bad taste. It will brew up to fourteen cups and can keep them warm for many hours. You’ll use it at home, but also at the workplace and enjoy your coffee wherever you are. For these reasons it is considered one of the best coffee makers on the market.

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Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker


Best coffee makers 2014 Looking for the best coffee maker 2014 that also makes tea might seem impossible. Well, we were able to find a machine that fits the description – the Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker from Northwest Glass. With its trendy appearance, this Coffee maker also makes delicious tea and will transform your kitchen. Using Asian technology for making iced Coffee or iced tea, the Cold Drip machine can be bought from a a lot of places and is worth more than similar products. Moreover, if it breaks it can be easily replaced.


Lance-Larkin In-Wall


You are the sort of person who appreciates fine coffee. You don’t like to do all the onerous work and prefer a coffee maker that will do everything on its own, including filling itself with water. You cannot wait till the whole pot is full and want to drink your first cup of coffee and start the day fresh and energized. If this describes you then you’re undoubtedly the right customer for the Lance-Larking In-Wall 10 Cup Coffee Maker Brew Express Stainless BE112. This built-in Coffee maker will make your life easier as you’ll be able to enjoy every single drop of coffee while not spilling it. With these qualities and several others, there’s no surprise why this machine is a serious candidate for the most popular coffee maker.